Saturday May 18 2019
Giampaolo: Samp talks next week

Sampdoria boss Marco Giampaolo says he will hold talks over his future next week as his team still have ‘a small victory’ to play for.

Samp’s match against Chievo kicks off at 11:30 BST on Sunday – click here for a preview.

“We’re playing against a team who have nothing to play for,” Giampaolo said at a Press conference.

“We’re in a position to prevail from a technical point of view. Breaking the 50-point barrier would be very useful.

“There are no longer collective objectives, but individual ones. This week I watched them, rather than work on something.

“Those who are in the best shape will play. Compared to last season, we’ve improved on the road.

“Above all we’ve shown that we can stay in the game, but it hasn’t been enough. The sensations I’ve had during games have been better compared to previous years.

“The team seem a little more aware, but we need to add something. On the other hand we’ve picked up fewer points at home than last season, but maintaining that points tally would’ve been really difficult.

“Objectively speaking, matching that would’ve been complicated, but we’ve improved away from home.

“We’ve improved numerically in the defensive department, but even then it’s not enough. We must work to improve further.”

The Blucerchiati are Serie A’s fifth highest scorers but have the League’s seventh-leakiest defence...

“I think Andersen will be a great player. He’s a great reader of the game and in one-on-ones.

“But another step forward would be good for him. Colley has different characteristics, Tonelli has much more defensive spirit and Ferrari has other excellent attributes.

“Defensive security doesn’t depend on the individual but rather the collective. We’ve improved in that sense, but we need to improve further.

“When I hear about set-pieces, the focus is always on who jumps, but that’s wrong. It should be on who takes them.

“That’s one more thing we lack and must improve on. If Ramirez doesn’t play then set-pieces are taken by Caprari or Gabbiadini, who are forwards.

“We don’t have any set-piece specialists in midfield. We could’ve added something in that sense.”

The Coach then paid tribute to Marco Sau, who has seen limited game time due to the goalscoring form of Fabio Quagliarella.

“In terms of conduct and training, Sau has been exceptional. He’s been penalised because Quagliarella has always played and I also have Defrel, Caprari, Gabbiadini in the squad.

“He’s paid the price for that. I can do nothing but speak well of him and he did his bit when he came on last week.

“He won’t start, but there may be a few minutes for him too. Murru and Andersen haven’t been called up, Audero has some problems so therefore Rafael will play.

“Tavares could also play. The others are more or less well. Eleven players will take to the field and they’ll do the best they can.

“I have no percentages about my future. There have no further developments since my last comments.

“We’ll see each other during the week and understand what’s best for everyone.

«Quagliarella’s playing for his personal objective of Capocannoniere. He’s fine.  In training I see him motivated and focused.

“He’ll do anything to become top scorer. It’s within his reach. At most, it’ll be decided next week.

“It’ll be a small victory for the team. Sampdoria have had the usual difficulty of setting up goalscorers.

“We must find more balance between attack and defence. I’m convinced we can work on this.

“We can maintain the number of goals we’ve scored and reduce the number of goals we’ve conceded.

“I like our mentality of thinking we can win any game. We can win games, there’s belief. When we fail to win, however, we must try not to lose.

“Defrel joined back up with us yesterday, he’s feeling better. Ronaldo [Vieira] also came back just this morning.

“I thought I’d let him play, but I can’t because I didn’t have him all week. Praet could play instead.

“With that in mind, Barreto can play as the ‘mezz’ala’ or vice versa. Defrel or Ramirez will play in the hole. Tavares is 70 percent likely to play, or Sala.”