Monday May 20 2019
'No Inzaghi-Juve talks, but...'

Simone Inzaghi’s assistant admits that while the Lazio Coach has not talked to Juventus, he finds their interest a ‘pleasure’.

Inzaghi is among the favourites to replace Max Allegri at Juve, and Massimiliano Farris took stock of the situation.

“It’s very simple. Simone has a profile that Juve like, and there were already links before,” Farris told Diretta Sport Viterbo.

“Today all the newspapers are putting Inzaghi in pole position. What I can tell you is that to date there’s been no contact.

“My personal consideration is this: I don’t think Juve could’ve ended their relationship with Allegri without having another Coach lined up.

“Therefore, I believe the choice can fall back on him or that it will fall on someone else.

“It’s clear that he finds their interest a pleasure. We had lunch with families at Formello, where the President also talked to Simone.

“I then had no way of talking to him, but the fact there’s a contract and the absolute will of the President to reiterate Simone is untouchable and that he wants to prolong their relationship, I believe, is a good omen for him staying.”