Tuesday June 25 2019
Zapata agent issues Napoli warning

Duvan Zapata’s agent has warned Napoli that they will not be able to afford the Atalanta striker unless they make sales.

Zapata scored 28 goals for Champions League-qualifying Atalanta last season and has starred at Copa America, netting three times in as many games to help Colombia qualify for the knockout stages.

Napoli have been heavily linked with a double deal for their former hitman and his Colombia teammate James Rodriguez, but Fernando Villarreal has his doubts.

“He wants to consolidate his amazing year at Copa America and keeporing to help Colombia,” he told calcionapoli1926

“As for linking up with James, I must say that with certain players, it’s much easier for them to find affinity and play together.

“As long as Napoli don’t sell any players, I doubt they can buy certain players. I can confirm there have been no more talks.

“There have been no contacts between the two clubs that I know of, so nothing has happened since the last time we spoke.

With that in mind, has the 28-year-old received offers from other clubs?

“I prefer not to answer this question, we’ll see what happens,” concluded the representative.