Sunday March 29 2020
Inzaghi: 'Benevento deserve Serie A'

Coach Filippo Inzaghi has claimed Benevento “deserve” to play in Serie A and are “ready to play in July or August” if need be.

Benevento were 20 points ahead of second-placed Crotone in Serie B and were going through an unbeaten run of 19 games in the League.

Now, Inzaghi fears that the coronavirus pandemic will terminate the campaign and prevent them from promotion to the top tier of Italian football.

“I don’t understand how it’s possible to suggest that we don’t end the season, maybe there are some other interests,” he told Sky Sport Italia. “It’s an incredible situation, we are ready to play in July or August, we wouldn’t mind.

“My players and my President, all of them, deserve to play in Serie A. For the sake of the whole system, we have to play.

“It must finish within the regulations of the championship. I hear a lot of speeches, but the clearest and fairest thing to do, is to resume play. Nobody has to suffer.”