Saturday April 4 2020
Ex-Vicenza and Napoli player Vendrame dies

Former Vicenza and Napoli player Ezio Vendrame has died at the age of 72, known to many as Italy’s George Best.

Although he never reached the heights of success that Best had, Vendrame refused to be hemmed in by rules and regularly fell out with coaches or teammates.

This was never clearer than at Napoli in 1974, his big break, where he was dropped after just three games following a row with Luis Vinicio.

He wrote several books, including an autobiography where he confessed to one day dribbling past his entire team including goalkeeper before stopping the ball just short of the line and starting a move from the back, simply because he was bored.

Vendrame had been ill for some time and practically a recluse, explaining why in an October 2019 interview, as quoted by La Gazzetta dello Sport.

“I’d rather die of loneliness than have to talk to idiots.”

Image via @LRVicenza