Friday May 22 2020
New training protocol revealed

The FIGC’s new protocol for team training has been published, with compulsory squad isolation in the event of a positive coronavirus test abolished.

The government’s initial demands for an entire squad to go into quarantine for two weeks if one of its players were diagnosed with COVID-19 threatened to call off the entire season.

However, as announced by Minister for Sport Vincenzo Spadafora this afternoon, the new protocol ensures only those who test positive will have to leave camp.

“If, during the recovery period of group training, there is a case of ascertained positivity to coronavirus, immediate isolation of the person in question must take place,” the revised parts read.

“Team group components must be subjected to isolation at an agreed structure; swab (also rapid) every 48 hours for 14 days, serological tests to be carried out on ascertained positivity and to be repeated after 10 days or in accordance with further CTS (scientific-technical committee) directives.

“No member of the aforementioned team group may have any external contacts, while allowing the isolated group to continue training.

“Clubs must make accurate analyses of the activities carried out by identifying those essential and drawing up a list of people who can be admitted to the training venue.

“Non-essential activities (e.g. administrative ones) must be postponed or carried out remotely to limit access of the training venue to the team group only.”