Thursday July 9 2020
Simeone: 'I want Atletico move'

Cagliari’s Giovanni Simeone admits he wants to play for Atletico Madrid ‘more than anything else’ and considers Gonzalo Higuain his role model.

Giovanni is the son of Atletico boss Diego Simeone, but the striker made it clear he would still sign for the Spaniards even without his father managing them.

“More than anything else,” he told ESPN when asked if he would like to play for Los Colchoneros.

“[That is] because I always wanted to go there as a young lad. It’s inevitable that I’d like to go there at some point.

“My dad coaches them, but even if he wasn’t there I’d still like to go because that’s what I’ve dreamt of since I was a child and that’s what I want.

“I still hope he can become my coach one day, even if it's hard to sign for a team that coaches a father."

The 25-year-old then explained how he modelled his game around the Juventus No 9.

“Pipita Higuain [is my role model], without a doubt. I really like how he gets around the pitch and in the box.

“When Juventus play, I watch Pipita to see how he moves.”

Simeone has six caps and one goal for Argentina but has not played for them since September 2018.

“I’d give my life to play for Argentina again. It’s the first thing that crosses my mind every time I go out on the pitch.”