Sunday July 12 2020
Report: Osimhen re-evaluates Napoli offer

According to the latest reports, Victor Osimhen will make a decision over the next 48 hours, but a new intermediary has helped smooth things over with Napoli.

The Lille forward has repeatedly asked for more time, as he feels undue pressure from his agent and entourage to accept the Partenopei proposal.

Our sources in Nigeria stated last week that he was ready to reject the move, not so much because of Napoli, but as an act of defiance against those close to him who were trying to orchestrate the transfer.

Now Radio Punto Nuovo – and our sources – suggest the situation is changing, as Osimhen is being given the time and space to make his choice autonomously.

"Napoli is still a possibility," we are told by our sources.

This is largely thanks to the introduction of a new intermediary in the negotiations, who is making Osimhen feel more at ease with the decision.

A choice is expected on Monday or Tuesday, so the next 48 hours are going to be crucial.

The absence of hoped-for Premier League offers to materialise also contributed to his change of heart about the wisdom of moving to Napoli.

Kalidou Koulibaly confirmed to La Gazzetta dello Sport that he spoke directly to Osimhen, reassuring him there was no racism problem.

“It’s true, he did call me. We talked about racism and I told him that coming to Naples, he’d have no problems, this is the right city.

“I too have felt the bitter experience of racist insults, but never in Naples. I reassured him, if he is to come here, it’s the best choice. The rest is up to the directors.”