Friday October 23 2020
Roberto Insigne warns Napoli

‘It won’t be easy to beat Benevento,’ says Roberto Insigne who gets ready to face his brother Lorenzo in Benevento-Napoli on Sunday.

"My father is a fan of Napoli, like everyone else in the family,” Insigne told Il Corriere dello Sport.

“I don’t think this time he won’t be able to think that we’re both on the pitch. He will have eyes only for us, everything else will not matter and the same is true of my mum. They are already excited, they are proud of us.

“It is not playing in the big leagues that makes the difference for them. Antonio, our oldest brother, still enjoys playing in Promozione while Marco is the one who runs most of us all: he works on the Train Frecciarossa, he left behind football.

“The only regret they have is that they can not be on the stands because of the Covid regulations in Campania that prohibit travel between different provinces.

“I called Lorenzo before the Europa League game to wish him all the best.

“He is also excited, for me it is a dream come true. Then, you know, everything depends on our coaches.

“When I called Lorenzo, [Elseid] Hysaj was also with him and of course I spoke with him as well .If we all play, we will be all in the same part of the pitch.

“Benevento are doing well, we are showing that we can do it but we also know that we need to improve a lot.

“We need to find the right balance, but it is not a tactical issue, rather something that we have to handle better.

"I think like the coach, this is the best way to face the opponents. I hear rumours that these are not our games, that we will have to give everything against those teams that will fight for the survival race. Allow me to disagree. We have to play it out with everyone.

"It’s obvious that the Napoli are the favourite but raise your hand those who expected that the game of Roma could be in the balance until 70 minutes. Football is beautiful for this, never take anything for granted. Not even that Napoli win easily.”