Thursday October 29 2020
Ceferin against Super League

UEFA President Aleksander Ceferin said he’s against the Super League and claimed the Superchampions ‘is mainly invented by Italian press’.

The UEFA chief intervened in the discussion about a Super League and agreed it ‘would kill football’ and revealed ‘it’s not a serious discussion’ when he spoke at the SportLab created by the Corriere dello Sport and Tuttosport.

“There’s a strong cooperation between us and the Leagues,” Ceferin told SportLab. “The positive thing in this situation is the dialogue and solidarity.

“The so-called Superchampions is an invention of some clubs and some Italian media, not our proposal.

“It would be one of the most boring projects in the world. Two or three clubs talk about it, who believe they deserve more than others, but who actually win little and believe that they could be winners in a Super League.

“It’s not a serious discussion, these kinds of ideas would kill football. I’m strongly against a Super League and the Superchampions is mainly invented by Italian press.”