Tuesday November 10 2020
Official: Napoli appeal rejected

Napoli’s appeal against the 3-0 result handed to Juventus by default and one-point penalty has been rejected, as it is ruled they did break the COVID-19 protocol by refusing to travel.

The Partenopei had failed to attend the Serie A fixture in Turin on October 4 after receiving a note from the local health authority (ASL) ordering them to remain in self-isolation.

That was because they had two positive COVID-19 cases, for Piotr Zielinski and Eljif Elmas.

The club immediately cancelled its flight and hotel booking for the game, which was due to be the next evening.

The Lega Serie A ruled Napoli did not follow the existing COVID-19 protocols, which would’ve seen the team still able to travel with further tests.

This evening, the Sporting Court of Appeal rejected Napoli’s protest, confirming the 3-0 result for Juventus and the one-point penalty.

The wording of the rejection notes that Napoli "deserve the sanction because it was not at all impossible for them to take part in the match, having instead pushed the situation in that direction in a voluntary and pre-ordained manner.

"Napoli's behaviour was effectively creating an alibi for themselves not to play.

“Their conduct in the days leading up to the match were already aimed towards not playing, with clear violation of the fundamental principles that sporting justice is based on, namely fairness, decency and probity.”

Napoli will lodge another appeal with the CONI and maybe even in civil courts.

Many clubs in Serie A have played games even with more than two players out with COVID-19, standing by the existing and pre-agreed medical protocol.