Thursday November 19 2020
Gravina: 'Mancini loves Italy'

The FIGC chief Gabriele Gravina insisted ‘there’s no problem’ with the renewal of Italy CT Roberto Mancini's contract. ‘He has created a lot in a short time’.

After another win against Bosnia-Herzegovina in Sarajevo, Italy are through to the UEFA Nations League Finals and Mancini’s men continue to impress.

Reports in Italy suggested the FIGC has prepared a new contract beyond World Cup 2022 in Qatar for the current coach, but Mancini has been linked with top clubs across Europe too.

“It’s a time of great reflection for all clubs, there’s a real awareness,” Gravina told Rai Sport after the match against Bosnia. “Small and medium-sized clubs are emerging.

“The work of Italy is of great support, the courage of Mancini and of the Italian teams is a courage due to the research and intuition of great talents.

“The national team is an extraordinary platform. We are doing a lot from different point of views, there’s a job that is hardly seen but very well done.”

After a perfect qualifier for Euro 2020, with 10 wins in 10 games, Italy are through to the Nations League Finals and Gravina hopes to continue with Mancini at the helm.

“Mancini was good at creating a lot in short time. The serenity was fundamental, the players have fun when they play.

“This is the greatest merit I want to give Roberto and all those who work for the national team. There’s no problem.

“He loves Italy and these lads; he knows what he has to do. Mancini will decide with the great awareness of having done a great job.

“The national team gives a message of great enthusiasm and hope to our country. We went to Reggio Emilia to be able to thank the doctors.

“We are not just a group of young people aiming for victory, these national teams score goals even off the pitch. They must lead by example.”