Tuesday December 22 2020
Rabiot banned against Fiorentina

There is another knock-on effect from the Napoli appeal victory, as Adrien Rabiot will now be suspended against Fiorentina.

The Partenopei won their appeal to the CONI, so the Week 4 match with Juventus will be played and the one-point penalty was revoked.

Rabiot had been suspended for that Week 4 fixture that never took place, but because it was credited as a 3-0 Juve victory, his ban was considered spent.

However, now that game is no longer showing as played, the ban comes back into action for the next Juventus fixture.

The Bianconeri are playing Fiorentina this evening, but it is too late for the verdict to be taken into account.

Therefore, Rabiot was to be suspended for the next Juventus game, which is against Udinese in January.

However, Juve released a statement confirming they were activating the ban today, so Rabiot is not even on the bench against Fiorentina and will be available for the Udinese match.