Monday January 11 2021
Lotito and Immobile meet Pope Francis

Claudio Lotito and Ciro Immobile met Pope Francis in a private audience on Saturday to mark Lazio's 121st birthday.

"It was a gesture of great attention and sensitivity from the Holy Father, who wanted to formulate to the team and to the whole Lazio family his best wishes for the 121st anniversary of the club’s foundation," Lotito said.

"This concludes an ideal path that began with celebrations at Castel Sant'Angelo on January 9, and that received a recognition from the Holy Father, who has personally expressed his closeness to the club, fulfilling, as a football fan, the desire of many Biancocelesti fans.”

Lazio’s official website states Pope Francis was gifted a collection of stamps that celebrate the most significant moments in the history of the club and a personalised Lazio shirt with the No.1 printed on its back.

Pic credit: SS Lazio