Wednesday January 27 2021
Lazio 'made mistakes' against Atalanta

Lazio assistant manager Massimiliano Farris concedes they ‘made mistakes’ in the 3-2 Coppa Italia defeat to 10-man Atalanta.

“We are clearly disappointed, as we had a good game, fell behind and turned it around to lead 2-1,” Simone Inzaghi’s assistant manager Farris told RAI Sport.

He gave the post-match interview, as Inzaghi had lost his voice.

“Our biggest mistakes were not controlling the situation when we had the lead and not making the most of the extra man.”

It was 2-2 when Jose Luis Palomino saw red, but Atalanta still restored their advantage with Aleksei Miranchuk.

They also had a penalty, but Pepe Reina saved the Duvan Zapata spot-kick to keep the tie open.

“We conceded the goal on a counter-attack, it was our error, then Atalanta set up a fort in defence and we couldn’t find a way through.

“The good news is that we have an opportunity to make up for it this weekend in Bergamo.”

Lazio don’t seem to have the same determination and energy as last season.

“The Champions League took a lot of energy out of us and unfortunately those games were during the period when we didn’t have any squad rotation options available.

“We tried to honour the Coppa Italia in the best way, we fought hard to the last minute. There were undeniably some mistakes, but we gave it our all.”