Tuesday March 2 2021
Lazio-Torino: What happens next?

If Torino are given a 3-0 defeat to Lazio and they appeal – all of which is predictable – it seems impossible they won’t win that legal action.

The game was meant to kick off at 17.30 GMT, but Torino are ordered under quarantine by the local health authority (ASL) until at least midnight tonight.

What happens next is that Lazio have arrived at the Stadio Olimpico, named their starting XI, and will wait 45 minutes before the referee officially declares the game abandoned.

At that point, Lazio will automatically receive a 3-0 victory and Torino could also be docked a point for not attending the fixture.

However, Torino have already said they will appeal the decision.

Considering the evidence at hand and the precedent set by Napoli in their trip to Juventus in October, it seems frankly impossible that Toro won’t be allowed to play the game at a future date.

Napoli won their appeal, despite having only two COVID cases at the time and there being some confusion over precisely what the ASL was imposing.

There is no confusion here: the Turin ASL has ordered Torino and their staff into quarantine until midnight tonight and the order was made several days ago.

Napoli needed a third level of appeal to have that decision overturned, at the CONI court.

The Lega Serie A and the FIGC both rejected Napoli’s first appeals, but in the Torino case, FIGC President Gabriele Gravina has said it is “objectively impossible” for this game to go ahead.

If the appeal is accepted earlier than the third level, then Torino and Lazio are likely to play on April 7.