Saturday March 6 2021
Jucov announces Milan takeover bid

World Lab Technologies founder Alexandr Jucov has released a statement confirming he has ‘expressed interest in acquiring the majority shares of AC Milan.’

The club is currently owned by hedge fund Elliott Management, who effectively repossessed it when Yonghong Li failed to keep up loan repayments.

Before that, Silvio Berlusconi was in charge of the Rossoneri for over 30 years, winning practically every trophy in club football.

“Alexandr Jucov, a leading businessman originally from Moldova and Founder of World Lab Technologies, Inc, has expressed his interest in acquiring the majority shares of renowned AC Milan of Italy’s Series A league,” read a statement released by his office.

“This acquisition would fulfill Mr. Jucov’s longstanding desire to be actively involved in the sports business, which has increasingly adopted new technologies and data-based metrics.

“World Lab Technologies, Inc, founded by its CEO, Mr. Alexandr V. Jucov, is engaged in funding research and developing new technologies in the rapidly growing areas of Renewable Energy Generation, Energy Storage Solutions, Sustainable Mobility, Logistics and Infrastructure Projects with positive social and regional development impact.

“The focus is on the collaboration on these technologies between Central and Eastern European countries and research and development centers in Western Europe and around the world.”

The mandate to host negotiations has been handed to Marriotts Legal Service.

Jucov is originally from Moldova and had also been in the news last year for attempting to purchase TikTok.