Thursday April 1 2021
Lippi congratulates Mancini

Former Italy CT Marcello Lippi congratulates Roberto Mancini on equalling his record of 25 games unbeaten: ‘It means a lot…’

Italy beat Lithuania 2-0 last night, meaning the Azzurri are now unbeaten in 25 games. Only Marcello Lippi, who won the World Cup in 2006, as achieved as much.

“The figures are important, but not much for the record. It means a lot because it represents the development of a team that can compete for great targets,” the former Italy coach told La Gazzetta dello Sport.

“Everyone feels involved with Mancini. There is an attacking mentality, and, most importantly, there is quality,” he continued.

“Mancini and I have many things in common, as Mancini said. We both played for Sampdoria for many years. We have those colours on our skin. We want to win with united teams that press high up the pitch.”

Can Italy aspire to win the Euros?

“Italy are always among the favourites, just like Spain, France, Germany, England, Brazil and Argentina. When the tournament begins, and everyone is in peak form…”