Tuesday March 20 2012
Zamp: Reja no, Sannino maybe

Maurizio Zamparini has distanced himself from rumours linking Palermo with Edy Reja, but has opened the door to Siena’s Giuseppe Sannino.

The Rosanero, thought likely to be looking for a new Coach in the summer should Bortolo Mutti fail to shift Zamparini’s current mindset, were linked today with Lazio boss Reja and Siena tactician Sannino on Tuesday.

Whilst the President distanced himself from Reja, he appeared to be more open about the possibility of Sannino coming in during the summer.

“Now, let’s start with the betting on this story, it is news that has astounded me,” Zamparini told Radio Radio on Tuesday.

“Today, [new team manager Christian] Panucci arrives and my Coach is still Mutti. We’ll see how it goes from here to the end [of the season], but those two names are wide of the mark.

“Even if we are talking about two great Coaches, they are not going to be mine.

“If I had to dispense with Mutti, who still has 10 Sundays in which to do well, this is not the road I will follow - my ambition is to look to the future, one that is different too.

“Reja is my compatriot and near contemporary, I respect him very much, but the possibility of him coming to Palermo is zero per cent.

“Sannino is a young and upcoming Coach and his percentage is not at zero. We’ll see what happens.”

Zamparini sacked Stefano Pioli in August, then aged 45, whilst his replacement Devis Mangia, aged 37, only made it to the end of the calendar year. Sannino is in his first year in Serie A, but will be 55 by the end of 2011-12.

The owner was also asked about the possibility of Zdenek Zeman coming to the club. The attack-minded tactician has earned praise in Serie B for his work with Pescara.

“I’d like to find one that is not close to my age,” declared the 70-year-old. Zeman is 64.

“When I sacked [Gigi] Del Neri, I met with three Coaches - [Alberto] Zaccheroni, Zeman and [Giuseppe] Papadopulo. I took the latter and we got into the UEFA Cup.

“I’m sorry that Zeman has suffered, but I had not promised anything, I’m happy that he cared about coming to Palermo, because I respect him, but in the end I chose otherwise.”

Zamparini hinted that Mutti’s departure at the end of the season is not 100 per cent certain.

“Perhaps with the arrival of Panucci, Mutti and the team will find a new life and Mutti can convince me. One thing I dislike in my Coach is him saying that Palermo must avoid relegation. I may say this, but he cannot.”

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