Tuesday March 20 2012
Siena read Coppa fairytale

Giuseppe Sannino assures Siena “do not want this fairytale to end” as they take on Napoli in the Coppa Italia semi-final.

The Tuscans had never even reached the final four before now, but won the first leg 2-1 and aim to hold on to that tomorrow evening.

“We have reached a stage that we hadn’t even imagined, taking on a great team made up of champions, but at times the mouse does manage to frighten the elephant,” said Coach Sannino.

“As I am from Naples, it’s even more exciting for me to be here at the San Paolo pushing for a place in the Final. I’m sure at the opening whistle, the emotion will wash away and I’ll focus only on the game.

“We have a slight advantage, but cannot rest on those laurels. Whatever the outcome tomorrow, it has been a fairytale and we do not want it to end.

“Don’t forget in our previous two games with Napoli this season, we have been able to stop them playing, so we can do it again. I know it’s a huge obstacle to overcome, but I believe.”

Siena squad: Brkic, Farelli, Pegolo; Belmonte, Contini, Del Grosso, Pesoli, Rossettini, Rossi, Terzi, Vitiello; Acosta, Brienza, Codrea, Gazzi, Giorgi, Mannini, Parravicini, Sestu, Vergassola; Bogdani, Gonzalez, Larrondo