Friday April 30 2021
Football Italia joins social media boycott

Football Italia joins the 81-hour social media boycott to raise awareness of online abuse.

The initiative was launched by Premier League clubs but has quickly spread among the football community around the world.

The FIGC is adhering, as are UEFA and FIFPRO.

“We want to give our contribution to what should be described as a campaign for civility,” said FIGC President Gabriele Gravina.

“The time has come to say enough. For the importance that football has in our society, it is opportune to assume responsibility for sending positive messages, in contrast to the professional haters.

“Sport is about joy and sharing, not an instrument to feed violence and foment disgust.”

Football Italia will also switch off our social media platforms until midnight on Sunday.

Too often, abuse affects the environment we live in and where we want to communicate about your and our biggest passions: Serie A and Italian football.

We have already made many efforts trying to lower the number of offensive comments on our social media platforms and our website, and we want to make a further step.

We will continue to fight social media abuse in any way we can.