Saturday April 7 2012
Ficcadenti's 'half-home' Inter tie

Cagliari Coach Massimo Ficcadenti admits their ‘home’ game with Inter this afternoon is “more of a half-away fixture” as they are playing in Trieste.

The Sardinians have moved this match to Trieste, as the Stadio Sant’Elia is out of action due to refurbishment works.

“It’s more of a half-away fixture for both us and Inter,” said Ficcadenti. “Playing at home is less of a strain, but we did everything possible to acclimatise.

“Clearly the pitch is also not the same as in Cagliari, which personally I consider to be the best in Italy. We’ll focus on this game, then whether we’ll play in Trieste again does not depend on me or the squad.

“Only once we’re on the field can we know how the players will react. We are in good shape. Inter will certainly want to replicate last Sunday’s win and are hungry because they can still push for third place.

“Our recent home victories have given us confidence and we can do it against Inter too.”