Tuesday April 10 2012
Rossi: 'Fiorentina need fans'

Delio Rossi has urged the fans to “support Fiorentina” against Palermo, as even victory over Milan so far isn’t enough to make home games less hostile.

Some have said the players are ‘frightened’ of their own fans, so are currently playing better on their travels than at the Stadio Franchi.

“Our performance in Milan has to make people reflect on the true capabilities of Fiorentina. We need consistency and to confirm those performances, though, so it is better not to think we’ve resolved all our problems,” said the Coach.

“I expect the fans to support Fiorentina, as they must help us. One thing is for certain, we are not afraid of our fans. We’ve got to take the initiative against Palermo, as going on the counter the way we did at San Siro is a limited approach. We can do it when needed, but not all the time.

“We hope Amauri’s goal against Milan is the breakthrough he was looking for, as for a striker the first goal is crucial.”

It is a special game for Rossi, who had a love-hate relationship with President Maurizio Zamparini during his time in Sicily.

“I will meet up with many players who were kids with me and have now become men. Fabrizio Miccoli is talent and creativity incarnate. You have to care about him, as if you do then he will give 100 per cent. There are many like him in a big club, so that can create problems, as he needs


Fiorentina squad: Amauri, Behrami, Boruc, Cassani, Cerci, De Silvestri, Felipe, Gamberini, Kharja, Jovetic, Lazzari, Ljajic, Marchionni, Montolivo, Nastasic, Natali, Neto, Pasqual, Romulo, Salifu

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