Sunday April 15 2012
Udinese look after Morosini's sister

Udinese have confirmed they will look after Piermario Morosini’s sister, who relied on the player for financial and emotional support.

Morosini was under contract with Udinese and on loan at Livorno when he died during Saturday’s Serie B game with Pescara.

The 25-year-old had a very difficult life, as he lost both his parents before turning 18 and his disabled brother committed suicide.

The only remaining family member is his sister, who is also gravely ill and relied upon him for financial support.

Udinese and captain Antonio Di Natale have now confirmed they will ensure Morosini’s sister is looked after.

“He was an exceptional lad, so full of life. Despite all the problems he had, he was always at the disposal of the team and every day gave us all strength,” said Di Natale.

“I lost my mother four years ago and, as he had already been through this, he was very close to me. Watching the images on television was shocking. He wanted to get back up, but fell again. When seeing that, all you can do is pray the Lord will give you a hand.

“He wanted so much to live and find success, for himself, for the family he no longer had and his sister. I immediately said we could not play last night, as it wasn’t right. I compliment Inter and the FIGC for making that decision, as on a day like this football becomes impossible.”

Livorno and his girlfriend Anna released a statement thanking “all those who in these hours of pain have been close to us in their memories of a great athlete and a special person.”