Saturday April 21 2012
Cellino: 'Cagliari staff electrocuted'

President Massimo Cellino insists Cagliari had to abandon the Stadio Sant’Elia because “you risk your life in there and one of our staff was almost electrocuted.”

The club has opted to walk away from its home stadium and play the remaining home games this season in Trieste instead.

“One of our staff was almost electrocuted a while ago and he risked death. The truth is you risk your life in there,” Cellino told the Corriere dello Sport.

“In that stadium even the most basic safety situations are absent. If you risk your life in a stadium, then you cannot continue this way.

“We will end the season playing our home games in Trieste, then we will move to Quartu Sant’Elena.”

Cellino has for several years tried to get permission to build a new stadium in Cagliari, but ran into difficulties with the local authorities who own the Stadio Sant’Elia.

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