Tuesday April 24 2012
Seedorf explains Allegri row

Clarence Seedorf has looked to clarify the alleged falling out between himself and Coach Massimiliano Allegri during Milan’s weekend draw with Bologna.

With the Rossoneri 1-0 down at the time, Allegri replaced the Dutchman with Antonio Cassano and Seedorf reacted angrily by storming straight down the tunnel to the dressing room.

Reports later alleged that the two had an argument in the dressing room, which Allegri did not outright deny was the case in his Press conference today. Alongside his Coach, Seedorf, however, did take time to explain the situation and why he reacted as he did on Sunday.

“I was not happy when I came off, but not for having been replaced, even though it seemed that way,” began the midfielder.

“I have been angry for a while - this team should be in a different situation. At that moment, we were losing [to Bologna], I wanted to do something, but in leaving the field I felt helpless. I am very passionate and I think that after so many years that people would know this, things are born and then they die almost as quickly.

“With the Coach I made this clear, although there was little to clarify. With the team everything is ok, and I know I am available to the Coach. This is definitely not the time to create controversy.

“The outburst did occur, but it was one of someone who cares a lot, perhaps too much for what might be best for Milan.

“This was the reaction, then I am not accustomed to tell you what happened in the dressing room, even if nothing has happened this time.”

The player was asked if he felt a personal pressure to improve Milan’s situation as a more experienced member of the squad.

“I wish I could be in a situation to give that kind of contribution, but this is not the time to speak of Seedorf. Mine is a clarification to reiterate that I would never put my personal situation ahead of that of Milan, the fans, the Coach and most importantly of all, my teammates, who have absolutely nothing to do with this.

“I know what makes a team, a group and that is being united. But I’m a person too, I too have emotions, it is very hard at the moment, we are still fighting for the title, there are still five games to go. My only goal is to support the team, on the field, on the bench or in the stands, to help it reach its season ambition.

“The moment is delicate, there have been many things that have gone against us in recent games too. I’m talking about our errors that we have paid for dearly.

“We must simply believe, to conclude the season as best as possible and to try to win every remaining game, starting with tomorrow’s.”