Sunday April 29 2012
Chiellini's Novara concerns

Giorgio Chiellini warns Juventus that “this match with Novara is more complicated than the one at Cesena, but our future depends only on us.”

The Bianconeri are three points clear at the top of the Serie A table and travel to the Stadio Piola for a local derby that could doom their opponents to relegation.

“We showed great heart against Cesena, even at the end with a series of crosses and corners,” the defender told Libero newspaper.

“It would’ve been important to find the net in the first half-hour after we created so many chances, especially the penalty, as the game would have changed. In any case, we did well to keep calm and avoided counter-attacks, which Barcelona didn’t manage against Chelsea on Tuesday night.

“You can attack for infinity and all it takes is one single distraction to make it all fall to pieces. To beat medium-level teams you need to score straight away or get a goal from a set play. What is essential is to always put an aggressive approach into the game. This match with Novara is more complicated than the one at Cesena.

“The future depends only on us,” continued Chiellini. “We know it is extremely difficult, as in every round we face a team that will give its all to beat the leaders and end the unbeaten run, but our future is in our hands.

“I’ve been saying for a month that the most complicated games are against the bottom of the table clubs. When they’ve had a negative campaign, they want to lift themselves back up by beating Juve.”