Sunday July 22 2012
Destro 'could join Roma tomorrow'

Siena have stated “tomorrow will be the decisive day for Mattia Destro’s move to Roma,” although “Juventus won’t give up.”

The striker, who is co-owned between Siena and Genoa, has hesitated in accepting the personal terms offered by the Giallorossi.

“Tomorrow will be the decisive day for Destro’s move to Roma,” Siena director of sport Stefano Antonelli told Sky Sport Italia.

“We are at the final details now and it’s very likely we will finalise the deal tomorrow.”

Despite the furious words of Genoa President Enrico Preziosi, Sensibile insists Destro has not turned down Roma yet.

Juventus have offered higher wages – thought to be €1.7m compared to €1.4m – but the difference is relatively minimal.

“The situation is pretty clear: an agreement with Roma was reached the other night, but Juventus won’t give up and continue to try.

“Destro is in any case enthusiastic about both destinations and has no problem with the wages. Mattia is mature and has been able to support the pressure that was created in recent weeks.

“Working with him closely, I can understand why so many big clubs are looking for him. Destro is truly a complete striker and has everything to become a top player.

“He is a champion in his legs and above all in his mind. Mattia is a down to earth boy.”