Monday July 30 2012
Preziosi explains Lo Monaco departure

Enrico Preziosi has explained why Pietro Lo Monaco has left Genoa and made clear his intention to sell the club as soon as he can.

Preziosi, who has held ownership and presidency of the club since June 2003, had brought in Lo Monaco as CEO this summer with the reported intention of handing over control of everyday running to him.

However, after a falling out with the former Catania man, Preziosi is back in charge, with Lo Monaco having left over the weekend.

“Lo Monaco took a bit too literally the matter regarding his powers,” revealed the President to La Repubblica today, a day before a Press release confirming Lo Monaco’s departure is expected.

“He had to meet me and not do things by himself, as he mistakenly believed. With Lo Monaco the agreement was clear - I should take care of buying and selling players, he should manage the club.

“Any operation, incoming or outgoing, was to have my consent.”

The duo reportedly fell out over reserve goalkeeper Mattia Perin’s fate, with Lo Monaco said to be keen to keep him at the club, but Preziosi trying to arrange a loan deal.

“I had always said that Perin had to go so as to play, because with Sebastien Frey as No 1 he would have been in the reserves and lost a year.

“The only negotiations in which Lo Monaco has demanded to dictate on were those for Mattia Destro. Siena redeemed 50 per cent of his contract and it cost us €2m more.”

Preziosi then confirmed that he is keen to sell the club as soon as possible.

“I’m sick of this. I cannot wait to give it up. I’d rather be elsewhere than having to deal with football.

“I had chosen Lo Monaco for this. At the moment I do not think that there is anyone willing to buy the club, unfortunately.”