Wednesday August 1 2012
Viviano: 'My Fiorentina dream!'

Emiliano Viviano is finally playing for his beloved Viola. “I was sure I’d have reached Fiorentina.”

The former Inter and Palermo goalkeeper is a lifelong supporter of the Tuscans and even called his daughter Viola in tribute to the club.

Today his loan was ratified and he was presented to the Press.

“I left Fiorentina a month before the bankruptcy 10 years ago, because I didn’t think the Della Valle brothers would give a chance to young players in the first years of the club. I opted to leave for my career,” he said, referring to the Viola’s demotion to Serie C1 in 2002.

“As for the problems in this move back to Florence, they were between the clubs and had nothing to do with me. I told all and sundry that I wanted to go to Fiorentina and I was sure I’d have reached them, it was just a matter of when.

“I thought of Fiorentina so many times. For many years there were rumours of talks, but the truth is the moment a tiny chance emerged I did everything to play for the team I supported as a child. Up until three years ago I’d come see Fiorentina’s games in the stands and it was a dream to be playing for them.

“I took a pay cut to come here and I have to thank Palermo, who did everything possible to ensure my dream came true.”