Saturday September 8 2012
WWF protest Cagliari stadium

Cagliari’s stadium woes continue, as the WWF accuses the new Is Arenas of “disturbing the local fauna.”

The Sardinians have abandoned the Stadio Sant’Elia in a row with the local council, while they were only able to play at the Is Arenas behind closed doors because it failed security checks.

Now the restructuring work could grind to a halt again after a surprise intervention from the World Wildlife Foundation.

“I appeal to your sensibility, not just as the Mayor, but above all as President of the Consortium of the Molentargius Park,” wrote WWF Sardinia President Antonello Secci in an open letter.

“We do not believe it is sustainable to have a stadium affecting a protected area. I plead that you interrupt the collaboration with Cagliari Calcio so that the damage already done to the Molentargius environment is not compounded by more.”

The protest claims the floodlights used during matches allegedly disturbs the local fauna in the Molentargius Park.

“All of the traffic, people, acoustic and lighting rigs can be devastating for the species of birds and local habitat that live close by.”