Saturday September 22 2012
Montella: 'Glass half full'

Vincenzo Montella sees “the glass half-full” after Fiorentina saw victory snatched from their grasp in stoppages by Parma.

“I certainly have to analyse the game in its entirety,” he said of the 1-1 draw at the Stadio Tardini in which both teams had penalties saved.

“In the first half we played comfortably and passed the ball around well. Perhaps we could’ve done better with a few of those chances.

“After the break we suffered the initiative of our opponents and gave them the confidence to fight back. It’s a shame we didn’t make more of our opportunities when we were in control, as a mature team would’ve done that.

“We made some mistakes and must work to ensure we don’t repeat them. Perhaps we thought that he result was already under lock and key and didn’t maintain the same level of determination.

“At least these are experiences that help the team to grow, so I see the glass half-full. We need to work harder and become more confident of our abilities.”