Saturday September 29 2012
De Rossi: 'Scudetto talk harmful'

Daniele De Rossi tipped his hat to Juventus, warned Scudetto talk around Roma is harmful, but has “no regrets” about staying.

“Juventus were superior and seemed to know all our weaknesses. They were stronger than us,” he said of the 4-1 defeat.

“We lacked a lot tonight and can’t clutch at straws. Everyone saw it was a negative performance in which Juve dominated apart from a small spell in the second half when they took their foot off the gas.

“It started so badly and the game was over too quickly. We barely got going at all. We should’ve approached it differently, though we knew Juve were stronger than us.

“Nonetheless, it is a very long season and we will be able to have our say. After all, you don’t face Juventus every week.

“Am I disappointed by Zdenek Zeman? No. I am disappointed by Roma, which includes myself. I do think we can grow and fight for third place, though,” said the midfielder.

“In my view it would be bad for the fans to think about the Scudetto, which I have always said. Looking at the other sides in the top places, if we have a great campaign then we can finish in the top three. That would be a very impressive achievement considering the situation.

“I won’t say Roma can never challenge for the Scudetto, as it takes time for a team to develop and gel.”

When asked what the Giallorossi need to do in order to change their fortunes, De Rossi cast a wide net.

“Evidently we are also lacking something in physical terms, while Juve are more organised in the way they run, so it’s more efficient. Clearly we have to work on physical and above all tactical issues, get to know each other better.

“Alessandro Florenzi has more pace, so he’s meant to run forward more than me. The problem is you need the ball to run forward and we barely got hold of it tonight.

“Football is just that, it’s not as if someone brings it down from another planet. You need to get points.”

De Rossi rejected proposals from Manchester City and more over the summer, but remains close to his hometown club.

“Do I have regrets at staying? Of course not and I never will. I am very happy here, although obviously defeats hurt me worse than anyone else.”