Saturday October 6 2012
FIGC: 'Conte responsibility affirmed'

Antonio Conte’s 10-month ban was reduced to four months on appeal, but the FIGC lawyers are still satisfied “there was an affirmation of responsibility.”

The Juventus Coach has always pleaded his innocence when accused of failing to report a potential fix to authorities while he was in charge of Siena in Serie B.

An appeal to the TNAS tribunal on Friday saw his ban reduced drastically from 10 months to four, but the Federation legal team are still fairly content.

“The sanction depends on the sensibility of the judges and that means a different evaluation of the same evidence,” said FIGC lawyer Luigi Medugno.

“In any case, the Federation is satisfied with the fact that there was an affirmation of responsibility. That was our objective, also to overcome certain controversy that was brought up over the summer.”

This is referring to Conte’s original attempt to negotiate a plea bargain with prosecutors, which was rejected by the Disciplinary Commission.

Conte later declared it was a huge mistake and blamed his lawyers for talking him into it.

It should be noted in Italy a plea bargain is not necessarily an admission of guilt and in this case it had a very clear statement of innocence attached to it.

Juventus President Andrea Agnelli responded to the reduction in the ban by protesting it was still not enough, as Conte is “an innocent man.”

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