Sunday October 7 2012
Siena: 'Dear Conte...'

Siena Vice-President Valentina Mezzaroma hope she can “play a trick on my old friend” Antonio Conte’s Juventus.

Conte was in charge of Siena when he earned promotion from Serie B in 2010-11, but was released from his contract so he could make a dream come true and lead Juve.

“What result do I predict? I would love to play a trick on my old friend Conte. I believe we can do it – I even have the symbol of victory tattooed on my arm,” she told Tuttosport.

“Conte will receive a very warm welcome from the Siena fans. He is loved here, as he brought us back into Serie A and made all the right choices. His time at Siena was like a smaller version of what he has implemented at Juventus.

“We have respect, affection and friendship with Conte. He sent me a text message of congratulations when we beat Inter at San Siro. He celebrates when we win and of course will do everything to beat us too. That is normal in sport.”

Conte is in the stands due to a touchline ban for failing to report a potential fix to the authorities while he was at Siena in 2010-11. That same investigation saw Robur begin the campaign from -6.

“I know Conte and he is a winner in all things,” continued Mezzaroma.

“To think he was working with betting syndicates or any kind of match-fixing is just completely illogical. You just had to see how angry his face was when Juve ran into a series of draws.

“I believe the investigation needed a big name to draw attention from the public.”