Sunday November 4 2012
Buffon slams Juve attitude

Gianluigi Buffon concedes “Inter deserved” their surprise Turin triumph and criticised the Juventus attitude.

The goalkeeper spoke after the Bianconeri’s 49-match unbeaten Serie A run was concluded by a 3-1 defeat.

“It is not a pleasant defeat,” acknowledged Buffon. “We weren’t used to losing anymore, even if we played well.

“Inter played in an intelligent way and with so much hunger to win, so they deserved the victory. They interpreted the game well with great conviction, so much that they reminded me of Juventus last season.

“They set aside the problems of the past and are now trying to begin again with their Coach to become the title opponents to us and Napoli.

“I did not like our attitude after we went 1-0 up. I don’t understand why we sat there waiting for them outside our own box, we were far too carefree.

“In my view we could’ve dealt with the game differently, but after 15 minutes we just left the initiative to them.

“I think that overall Inter showed they have very clear ideas, knowing what they had to do to win and emerging from our stadium with three points.”

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