Tuesday November 6 2012
Catania-Juve feud rumbles on

President Antonino Pulvirenti continued the feud with Juventus director Beppe Marotta. “He should steer clear of Catania. The wound is open and bleeding.”

The pair have been trading jibes in the media since the controversial 1-0 Bianconeri win in Sicily, which saw a home goal incorrectly ruled offside.

Marotta claimed the goal, which was chalked off when the score was still 0-0, would not have prevented Juve from winning.

“I have to say he’s a good man and I even feel rather sorry for him, but he should steer clear of Catania because the wound is open and bleeding,” replied Pulvirenti on Radio Sportiva.

“He continues his attempts to justify the unjustifiable. He must not talk about Catania anymore or make any comparisons. He took away the victory and Catania have already paid for all this.

“Finally against Lazio we saw a game where the only talking was on the pitch. At least some good came from that terrible mistake against us that the whole world could see, as the referees are trying to be more focused.”

Juventus director general Beppe Marotta replied to Pulvirenti’s latest attack.

“In Italy people are too thin-skinned. My phrase was part of a debate on referees and I wanted to point out that without video evidence or technology there are always going to be mistakes. Catania benefited from many more penalties than we did last season.”