Saturday November 24 2012
Giovinco: 'I can be decisive'

Sebastian Giovinco is tired of people claiming he doesn’t deliver in the big Juventus games. “The criticism is excessive, as I can be decisive.”

The Atomic Ant has struggled to make an impact this season and was even jeered by a section of the fans after misses against Lazio.

“I am not even remotely affected by the controversy,” he told Sky Sport Italia. “The criticism is excessive, as I can be decisive.

“The only thing I’m interested in is the fact we are top of the table, have the best defence and best attack, while we beat the reigning Champions of Europe Chelsea. That’s enough to be satisfied with.”

Giovinco was asked why he whipped off his jersey after scoring in the 3-0 victory over Chelsea.

“I didn’t plan it, that was just an instinctive gesture. I didn’t intend to prove anything.”

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