Saturday December 29 2012
Maradona: 'Juve and Cavani...'

Diego Armando Maradona reveals his dream of becoming Napoli Coach and warns Juventus would be “unstoppable” with Edinson Cavani.

“Can this Napoli win? It’s tough, because Juventus are great again while Milan and Inter will get back on their feet,” he told Sky Sport Italia during the Globe Soccer Awards in Dubai.

“Antonio Conte has a great squad at his disposal and they remind me of Michel Platini’s era. I daren’t think how unstoppable they would be with a striker like Cavani. How much of an advantage would they have, considering they’re eight points clear now?”

El Pibe de Oro has experienced the passion of the Napoli fans at full force and warns it can be a blessing or a curse.

“Napoli have the chance of winning, but we mustn’t put too much pressure on Cavani and his teammates. We must leave them to work in peace.

“It is a great team and I like Walter Mazzarri. Of course, it’s tough to beat ‘my’ Napoli, as that was a team made up of real men.

“I love the city and the fans, but the pressure in Naples is enormous. My daughter couldn’t leave the hotel because people chased her to get a photograph. In the end she had to run off to Rome.

“I do expect the current side to do well and win a few trophies. I am a Napoli fan and nobody can ever doubt that. I tell the supporters that I love them very much.”

The former Argentina Coach has also declared he’d love to lead the Partenopei from the bench one day.

“Returning to Napoli is my dream, even more so than for the fans. However, it’s difficult for me to enter Europe at the moment, as I have an issue with the tax office.

“I hope one day someone will say that Maradona can return to Naples without having to worry.”

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