Saturday January 12 2013
Siena confirm Calaio-Napoli deal

Emanuele Calaiò is not in Siena’s squad for tomorrow’s game with Torino, as the club confirms “it’s a done deal” with Napoli.

The 31-year-old striker had been at the centre of a transfer tug-of-war between Napoli and Palermo, but the Partenopei appear to have won.

“Calaiò is a done deal and I think Emanuele has what it takes to play a great role for Napoli, even alongside Edinson Cavani,” said director of sport Stefano Antonelli.

Marcelo Larrondo is also left out of Siena’s squad, as he is on the verge of joining Fiorentina. Francesco Della Rocca arrives as part of the exchange and is already at their disposal.

“We are not taking the team apart. We have clear ideas on how to make Siena more competitive. By January 31 we’ll see what the situation is.”

Gaetano D’Agostino is also on his way out, as the creative midfielder is in advanced negotiations with Pescara.

Siena squad for Torino: Farelli, Marini, Pegolo; Belmonte, Contini, Dellafiore, Del Grosso, Felipe, Paci, Neto, Rubin; Bolzoni, Coppola, D’Agostino, Della Rocca, Mannini, Sestu, Valiani, Vergassola; Bogdani, Paolucci, Reginaldo, Rosina