Tuesday February 19 2013
Puyol: 'I support Milan!'

Carles Puyol feels the Rossoneri have lost something in terms of experience from last season and admits “I support Milan when they’re not playing Barcelona.”

The captain has faced them many times and held a Press conference at San Siro ahead of tomorrow night’s Champions League clash.

“Milan did not start the season well, but now they are in good shape,” said Puyol. “It is going to be a difficult game, as the Rossoneri are opponents to be respected.

“They have sold many important players and are younger now, so perhaps have lost something in terms of experience, but they are growing into a unit. We have to play our game, using our football.

“In the locker room we are all convinced this is going to be tough. All the Milan forwards are talented, otherwise they wouldn’t be playing for such an important club.”

Puyol had been linked with a potential transfer to Milan in recent years and made a confession.

“I support Milan when they are not playing against Barcelona. I have great admiration for this club. I have said if I was going to leave Barcelona, I’d have liked to go to Milan, but it’s too late now and I will finish my career here.

“I keep in contact with Bojan, as we are friends. He isn’t playing much in Serie A, but he is an excellent player who will become important for Milan.”