Wednesday March 27 2013
Prandelli: 'It's Balotelli's moment'

Cesare Prandelli explains how he got the best out of Mario Balotelli and would like to organise Italy-Argentina as a tribute to Pope Francis. “This is his moment.”

SuperMario bagged another brace for Italy in the 2-0 World Cup qualifier against Malta last night and has been on sparkling form since moving to Milan in January.

Watch the video of Balotelli's Malta goals here.

“When you are dealing with a talent like this, you just need patience,” assured the Azzurri Coach.

“The moment eventually comes when the talent has to take on his share of the responsibility and stand on his own feet. This is the right moment for Balotelli.

“I have to compliment him on his relaxed approach, his belief and his quality.”

Last week Italy drew 2-2 with Brazil in an international friendly and Prandelli revealed he has his heart set on a very special game in Rome.

“I would love to be able to organise an Italy-Argentina match. Not only would it be a challenge between great teams, but also a tribute to the Pope.”

Newly-elected Pope Francis is from Argentina and a big football fan, particularly of club side San Lorenzo.

“It would be wonderful for both teams to meet with the Pope and then go to the stadium in one big team bus, all together.

“I have faced all the big world teams and Leo Messi’s men are the only ones I am missing so far.”