Thursday April 25 2013
20 Great Italian Games: Preview #3

The Little Aeroplane’s Finest Flight

Francesco Totti might have had a premonition. Or, more likely, he just hoped to have another opportunity to get up the noses of his eternal rivals. When he tucked a T-shirt carrying a celebratory message beneath his Roma top, he may have had an inkling his team was going to produce one of its most special performances to beat Lazio. But even he could hardly have dreamed of his spectacular goal which would crown a crushing win and send him galloping towards Giallorossi supporters to reveal the legend “6 Unica” – You Are Unique.

Yet the Rome derby of March 2002 was a game where even Er Pupone played second fiddle. The fervent build-up to the match had all been about which striker Fabio Capello would play – Gabriel Batistuta or Vincenzo Montella. Rumours abounded that Batigol was furious when he heard the Little Aeroplane had been cleared for take-off ahead of him.

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