Sunday May 5 2013
Balotelli: 'Milan, keep Allegri'

Mario Balotelli scored another crucial goal and urged Milan to hold on to Massimiliano Allegri. “I’m really happy with him.”

The striker got a last-gasp winner over Torino to send them four points clear in third place.

“It is an important goal, but it will only be truly important if we manage to keep this gap over the next few rounds,” Balotelli told Mediaset Premium.

“When I got here Allegri was in charge and we get on really well. I hope he stays, as I’m really happy with him. If I were the club, I’d do everything to keep hold of him.

“I am just one of the players here and we all contribute. I was unable to get into gear today and it was a bad performance, but eventually we managed to get the points.”

Today Juventus are celebrating their second consecutive Scudetto.

“I send them my compliments, as it is a deserved title.”

Balotelli also had a message for the media. “I heard that a book has been released on me, but I don’t understand how it’s possible to write an entire book without ever asking me about it. A lot of complete rubbish has been written about me.”