Thursday May 9 2013
Ventura answers Toro critics

Torino Coach Giampiero Ventura hit back at fans who jeered last night’s dire 0-0 draw with Genoa. “We’re practically safe.”

Both teams are hovering just above the relegation zone, so a point each was useful and there were barely any shots on goal in the entire 90 minutes.

Home fans jeered angrily during the second half and expressed their irritation at the final whistle.

“The fans are rightly angry, as four years ago Genoa contributed to our relegation and they wanted payback for that, but a game cannot cancel out two years of work,” said Ventura.

“Obviously it is hard to comment on that match on a technical level, but we are practically safe.

“Torino started out from a difficult situation two years ago and dominated Serie B, while this year we started out amid general scepticism and on Sunday we can be mathematically secure with a round to spare.”