Saturday May 11 2013
Medic explains Milan celebration

Milan team medic Rodolfo Tavana has revealed the team’s new celebration is making fun of the way he walks. “It’s Boateng’s fault!”

The players have recently marked goals by putting their hands behind their backs, leaning forward and walking a bit like Groucho Marx.

“In truth, it’s Kevin-Prince Boateng’s fault,” Tavana told Milan Channel.

“He is very good at doing impressions. You should see him when he imitates Giampaolo Pazzini’s goal after he got injured against Genoa. He is great fun.

“During the training session, Boa imitated my way of walking when I go closer to one of the players who feels pain. Let’s just say I stalk towards them a little bit leaning forward and this amused the players, because I really must seem worried when I close in on them during sessions.

“Then against Torino Robinho was the strong-arm to Boateng’s brains behind the operation, getting all the players involved in this new celebration.

“I don’t think they’re making fun of me, as I saw this as an affectionate imitation. I’m happy, as it shows how positive and joyful the atmosphere is within the squad.

“I hope Milan can continue celebrating, with or without this particular impression.”

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