Wednesday September 18 2013
Sampdoria fans blast team

Sampdoria fans delivered a letter to Coach Delio Rossi and the players after their Genoa Derby defeat. “We saw cadavers wandering round the pitch.”

The Blucerchiati were humiliated 3-0 by their local rivals at Marassi on Sunday evening, the largest ever ‘away’ win in the history of this fixture.

Furious Samp ultras delivered a long letter to the squad today via Coach Rossi at their training ground.

“To the team: We saw a group of cadavers wandering round the pitch. Not only did you not look like players, but not even men. It is not the behaviour of a man to fall without a fight, to let himself be derided without reaction.

“The shame you covered yourselves in should push you to react with pride, even if we’re not sure you have the moral content to do that.

“In any case, prove to us what you’re made of straight away, from Saturday’s game. We can say for certain that the good life is over for you. Our presence in Bogliasco, to watch you do your work, will be constant from here to the end of the season.

“To the Coach: Seeing as we are not tacticians, but fans, we want to ask Delio Rossi and his staff to give the right mentality to the team. Please make sure the performance we saw on Sunday is never repeated again.

“The players hurled mud at your work and we can assure you that seeing a side so dramatically devoid of character hurts us fans much more than one substitution or another. Where is the character you were famous for? Find it again quickly, because with this attitude we all run a big risk – you as well as us.

“To the club: The programmes you spoke about haven’t happened and once again we start the season scrambling to secure safety. The fans have great heart but, unfortunately for you, also a good memory and our efforts deserve more respect.

“It is also too easy to put all the blame on to the team and Coach, as we expected the President to take more responsibility. Evaluate quickly whether this squad needs reinforcements. Relegation to Serie B would be a sporting disaster. We remember it well, so you remember it too.”

The letter also urged the fans to unite around Sampdoria and continue to support the side through this difficult time, “as happens in all great love stories. At the end of the day that is what Sampdoria is for us: a unique, mad love affair.”