Saturday September 28 2013
Guidolin: 'Atalanta will be tough'

Francesco Guidolin is without Luis Muriel and Maurizio Domizzi against Atalanta. “It’ll be tough,” said the Udinese Coach.

The Friulani visit Bergamo on Sunday at 14.00 UK time (13.00 GMT), click here for a match preview.

“Atalanta will be fired up in a bid to turn around their current form, so we’re in a similar position to when we played Genoa. It’ll be a tough game, very difficult,” said Guidolin in his Press conference.

It is made all the more tricky by the absence of defender Domizzi and striker Muriel.

“We have drawn in Bergamo for the last three years, but we must prepare ourselves to win. It is difficult to construct a success story, but it takes only a moment to destroy it. We must never forget where we came from and what our strengths are, so we need to keep building.”

The Coach was frustrated by the fans recently, who have started jeering and proving irritated at the Europa League play-off exit.

“We have to bring the fans along with us on a wave of enthusiasm. This team knows how to face any moment of difficulty. The crowd is demanding, but the reality of the situation doesn’t change.”

Udinese squad for Atalanta: Benussi, Kelava, Scuffet; Basta, Bubnjic, Danilo, Douglas, Gabriel Silva, Heurtaux, Naldo, Widmer; Allan, Badu, Bruno Fernandes, Lazzari, Merkel, Mlinar, Pereyra, Pinzi, Zielinski; Di Natale, Maicosuel, Nico Lopez, Ranegie