Tuesday October 1 2013
Della Valle: 'Fiorentina must improve'

Fiorentina fumbled a lead yet again and President Andrea Della Valle warns “we’ve got to improve in the final minutes.”

The Viola had gone 1-0 up at Inter on Thursday only to lose 2-1, then went from 2-1 up to 2-2 with the last kick of the game against Parma last night.

“We’ve got to improve in the final minutes, especially the way we control the game,” Della Valle told Radio Blu.

“This match represents an ugly experience that will help the squad to grow, especially the youngsters who always want to go on the attack. It’s a shame, as we had fought back to lead a game that had been really difficult.”

Giuseppe Rossi limped off in the first half, but Juan Manuel Vargas marked his comeback with a goal.

“Rossi’s injury shouldn’t be anything serious and we await the test results tomorrow. I am happy for Vargas, as he rediscovered himself and we had already spotted that over the last few weeks, even when everyone else had lost hope.

“Now we mustn’t make a drama out of this draw, especially as Parma played an excellent first half and Rossi’s injury also affected the game.”

Fiorentina travel to Ukraine on Thursday for the Europa League match with Dnipro.