Sunday October 6 2013
Chiellini: 'Mexes, it's not football'

Giorgio Chiellini hopes Philippe Mexes is banned for punching him in the head. “This is not football.”

The Juventus defender scored in the 3-2 victory over Milan, but was also involved in an ugly tussle with the Frenchman – later sent off for a different incident.

“We didn’t have to give an answer to anyone. It’s a victory, but we can’t enjoy it fully as we once again conceded a late goal and risked letting Milan draw. If we’d conceded that Zapata header, we should’ve been left without sleep for a week,” confessed Chiellini on Sky Sport Italia.

“If we want to be a great team, we have to improve these things. The first goal I can accept, as it was a ricochet and Muntari reacted well.

“We fought back and had finished the game 3-1 up with Milan down to 10, but we almost let them back in.”

He was asked whether he had a particular dedication to make, for example to one of his opponents...

“I dedicate it to myself, my girlfriend and my family. As for opponents, the pitch speaks for itself.

“Some people are repeat offenders. Toughness and determination in football should be praised, because you have a hard tackle and shake hands, but this is not football.

“This sort of thing needs to be punished heavily, because it is not fair play and it is not football. I’ve had some tough tackles in my time, but I don’t recall ever doing that.

“As for the goal, I think I was helped by sliding in because I’m used to that movement, being a defender. It was also my third goal with my right foot in the last two months! I’m not good at using it elsewhere, but at least for the goals it’s nice.”